…a light day; ~5E-8 AU

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I tightened up yesterday’s 10K Bajada loop to decrease the distance a bit (7.5K), and vary the terrain.

Wild Dog Trail from Golden Gate Rd, directly across from the entrance to the Signal Hill parking lot, is really nice. It meanders, crosses several washes, and has some nice, short, grades to warm up the muscles and get the lungs in rhythm with the lower end effectors.

I was a little worried the Bajada Wash Trail, at the south end of the loop, wouldn’t be navigableĀ from the Sus picnic area back to Golden Gate Rd, but it was totally fine. It’sĀ a great option to avoid that nasty little stretch of Sandario Rd.

Next time I do this one, I’ll try to hit the Bajada Wash Trail from Wild Dog Trail. That will keep me in the sand for several miles; a nice workout.

Add this one to the list of regular light runs!

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