Come on, Baby… Myco-Safari…

…more like a foray than a safari, honestly…

Tucson had a particularly productive Monsoon Season, this year, but there’s nothing but desiccation in the forecast.

So, today we take to the hill (Mt. Lemmon) for what will likely be the last Savage Fungus Hunt of the season!

We picked up the scent of the myco-fauna at the base of Ski Valley.

It didn’t take long to flush our quarry!

Download the GPS Track of this foray here!

…Fruit of the mycelium, you will be ours this day!

33 photos
  • Hah! She walked right by. 
My god we're sneaky...
  • - Hey, how'd the audition go? 
- Eh... I thought I nailed it, but they gave the part to a poriforate in suspenders. Go figure. 
- Ah well... Don't sweat it. I think you would have gotten tired of that big pink echinoderm right quick.
  • Follow me! 
The magical wood fairy princess castle is just over this stump, I know it!
  • Dude, I don't see any castles around here...
  • my hair is FABULOUS!!!
  • Magical Wood Fairy Princess consults the Myco-Guide...
Ah yes, she says, Lentinellus Ursinus. I knew it!
Now where's my wand?
  • Cheese! 
I got a medium cheese here!
...on a mushroom!
Medium cheese on a mushroom!
Correction! Medium Cheese that IS a mushroom!
  • Of course he's my daddy too!
Why on earth would you say that?
  • ah... there's my wand.
Now come here, my little pretty!
  • It's this way...
Nuh uh! It's over here!
  • Whoah...
So, that's mushroom, singular, by the pound, huh?
  • Is no fungus safe???


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