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5 miles, and boy are my arms tired!

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  ya gotta wonder just how sapien it is for a whimpy, toothless primate to enter the food chain in Florida’s water ways, wearing nothing but a colorful candy shell… Shortcode:


6th Prime Achieved…

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Ah, precious v*t… I’m sure I haven’t run 13.3K since I was between the 6th and 7th prime in years. I extended the 10K Bajada Loop today by starting from the Sandario Esperanza Trailhead parking...


…a light day; ~5E-8 AU

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Mt Taylor 50K

I tightened up yesterday’s 10K Bajada loop to decrease the distance a bit (7.5K), and vary the terrain. Wild Dog Trail from Golden Gate Rd, directly across from the entrance to the Signal Hill...


Mighty Rosat, Tre!

An agreeable gastripity in Silver City, NM; Tre Rosat… The white chicken chili was not disappointing in the least. We stumbled upon Tre Rosat on the way to Santa Fe, and were very glad...