sometimes the needs of the many…

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Just as they are designed to do, the feet sacrificed themselves for the preservation of the collective when the noob pilot chopped the throttle in a panic – why haven’t I gotten the LIDAR...


Flying Pi, Anyone???

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This Pi can fly! I’m planning a detailed article on the construction of this fabulous flugzoig, but in the meantime, here’s a quick summary: It’s a Pi2 running ArduPilot under the Navio real-time kernel, with...


5 miles, and boy are my arms tired!

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  ya gotta wonder just how sapien it is for a whimpy, toothless primate to enter the food chain in Florida’s water ways, wearing nothing but a colorful candy shell… Shortcode:


6th Prime Achieved…

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Ah, precious v*t… I’m sure I haven’t run 13.3K since I was between the 6th and 7th prime in years. I extended the 10K Bajada Loop today by starting from the Sandario Esperanza Trailhead parking...